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Facility Information

Official documentation now lists this building as a housing complex – a large dormitory in the centre of a town that is small enough to not draw a surplus of outsiders, but large enough that it isn’t yet out of place. The people here are so for a variety of reasons – some moved in of their own accord, some were brought here, and some are recovering from (or being studied due to) some kind of severe mental trauma, whether recent or in the past. All the subjects – and even the employees themselves – are of various lineages, cultures and backgrounds, serving to be a varied test group. Some may even be rumoured to come from another world…

The most recent experimentation is looking deeper into the dreams of the residents, and judging their abilities to react to different situations, and interact with different people. A new technology has bee discovered that, while yet unstable, can manipulate the sleeping mind to an extent – allowing subjects to temporarily enter another’s dream, for an unprecedented amount of time.

The subjects living in the facility are all living in our own desired conditions. They live out life normally; sleeping, interacting, eating, and an amount of recreation. They live unaware of the true nature of the facility. The building is fully equipped with rooms (each containing at least one bed, and other basic facilities – though there are different levels of rooms, as well), bathrooms, a cafeteria, a laundry room, a library and an infirmary, as well as the main sitting room and the offices. Below the building, unbeknownst to most residents, in the basement area, is where the labs are located.

The different levels of rooms are based upon salary and your status upon entering the facility. Those who enter by choice on the premise of reasonably priced dormitories will, in fact, have to pay. Those who are brought against their will are given a standard level room, but may upgrade (for a fee) or downgrade as they see fit.

Level 1: Most suitable room for a resident who has only basic needs, or is working in the town at minimum wage. This basic room consists of a bed, with one window overlooking a rather scenic view of the parking lot. If you are living here based upon your wage, it is recommended you invest in a microwave.

Level 2: This level of rooming is ideal for a resident who requires a little bit more privacy, or perhaps just has some extra money they are willing to upgrade with. It is similar to the Level 1 room, but comes installed with the extra convenience of your own bathroom – that comes with the basic needs of a toilet, shower and sink.

Level 3: If the view of the parking lot is too drab for our residents, they have a desire to express themselves in the kitchen, and the funds are available to them, the Level 3 rooms are an option. With an upgrade to a view overlooking the main driveway of the facility – providing an interesting view of who is coming and going, as well as a bit more flora and fauna – and a very basic kitchen. The kitchen consists of a small stove, a sink a small fridge and a cupboard.

Level 4: While not radically different from the Level 3 room, this level improves on each feature. The bathroom will now contain a mirror, and the shower has expanded to include a bath. The kitchen now has a larger stove and fridge. The window view remains the same, and the room itself is larger, space for more personal articles, and perhaps a second or third bed if room availability becomes an issue. This is the standard size room.

Level 5: Once again this room level is just an improvement on the last – the room itself is larger, with space for extra beds as well as personal articles such as entertainment devices. The bathroom includes a medicine cabinet and a laundry chute leading directly to the laundry room for later pickup (washing will still be done yourself), and the kitchen now has a larger counter space and an improved stove. The window overlooks the inner garden.

The public bathrooms are for all in the complex, residents and employees alike, and serve all basic needs. Showers are located through back doors in three of the main lavatories.

The cafeteria is standard, with an assortment of food available. Specials often change, and menus are sometimes rotated. Their focus is claimed to be on health, but on occasion problems will be found with meal cards (that are assigned upon arrival, if brought here, or can be bought, otherwise, for a more convenient plan) that will effect only certain cards for a specific length of time, limiting the diet of the possessor, often restricting only specific food groups or healthy or unhealthy food. Special dietary needs can be arranged for – consult someone in the main office if you have a concern about allergies or otherwise.

The library is nothing exceptional, but it is certainly better than nothing. Much of the selection is mathematics, and science. There is absolutely nothing on psychology, philosophy, geography or history. Any books on conspiracies brought onto the grounds from town are ‘temporarily’ confiscated by the employees – and never returned, though the previous owner is likely to forget about it under mysterious circumstances.

The infirmary is up to date and well equipped to handle near anything that is not yet at a level serious enough for hospitalization. It contains a variety of medications and examination equipment, from scales to more probing devices. For more serious cases (as well as for some mild experimentation) patients can be put under anaesthetic and brought to the labs below the facility – where operations and examinations of more serious proportions can take place.

The sitting room is filled with many tables, set up with the intention of playing board and card games with other guests. Interaction is encouraged, but there is also a rather large TV with an assortment of videos to choose from – all locked away in the office, movies must be requested before hand, though the response is usually quick – as well as cable television – although many channels are locked, especially ones that display news and politics.

The entire complex is originally designed to look very plush and comfortable, and every room is monitored through security cameras. The security room is also located below ground, and is monitored by a select few staff members.

There are several offices located in the main building, but only a few of them are generally open to the public. The main office is for registration, room assignment, etc. It is located just inside the main doors, and a bulletin board is found on the wall next to the door, where announcements and welcome notices and the like are posted periodically. Characters may respond to notices in character, if desired.
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