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Rule 1: Be civil. Your character can act however s/he is, based on IC personality, but that is no excuse for the player. Do not god mode, or cause trouble. Keep in mind that two characters disagreeing does not mean anything for the players. Godmoding, by the way, consists of knowledge as well. While your character cannot easily escape from the complex and fight off wild polar bears, they also cannot just ‘know’ what the complex is – suspicion, as mentioned earlier, is a different case from knowledge. The only characters aware of the purpose of the facility are the researchers – even the other employees (such as cafeteria workers, secretaries, gardeners, etc) are not aware.

Rule 2: Speaking of acting IC, which is something very, very important to do. You must remain true to the original series – your characters are pulled from canon, after all. If you don’t feel you can play them in character, you should reconsider whom you are applying as. As for your character being in NC-17 situations, it would be preferred that they are kept limited, only if they serve some kind of purpose and, of course, locked to the comm.

Rule 3: Activity is a must. Without activity, there is no roleplay. Activity checks will be held every other month. There will be a mod post to reply to, linking your most recent activity. You will have one week to reply. If we notice, however, that all of your activity is only during the checks, you will be dealt with accordingly. After joining as your first character you must wait one month before applying as a second – proving that you can handle activity. All characters after the second will have no official waiting periods– however the mods will contact you upon your application if they feel they would prefer for you to wait before joining as someone else, so that they can assess your level of activity with characters you have already taken. The maximum amount of characters is five.

Rule 4: You may apply as any fictional character from anime/manga, books, cartoons, comics, movies etc. Real people and OCs are not permitted. More details on applications can be found on the appropriate page.

Rule 5: You do your own damn laundry. Mention laundry (not just clothes) somewhere in your application to prove you’ve read the rules.

Rule 6: The “dream world” is nearly limitless. The dreams are basically free-for-all logs. There are, however, exceptions. First of all, being in the dream world is not an excuse to break any of the previous rules (except maybe Rule 5). This means that while abilities that your character may have lost in coming to this facility can be used, you can still not god mode or anything of the sort. You cannot give your characters abilities they did not have in canon. And while this applies to “real world” logs as well, there will be no rape. If you are ever unsure as to what is acceptable, don’t be afraid to contact a mod to ask.

How to Play

The actual roleplay is mostly logs. The only exception is that interactions in the “real world” are to be done in first person action format. The dreams are the bulk of the third person, narrative type interaction. Therefore, you could even join with a journal that’s in another roleplay if you wanted to. All interacting is done in person (or…not quite, in the case of the dreams); there is nothing like Internet or interactive journals. If you would like, though, you can submit notices to the main office that can be pinned up on the bulletin board once approved. Submitting notices, requests, etc, to the office is something useful. Keeping in contact with the people running the joint can keep you more informed than others, or get you extra perks, if you have something you’d like that is reasonable and not readily available.

When posting logs, you’ll need the following:

There are three communities to join, and friending journals is not necessary. The three comms are somnio_rpg, somniexcharactr and somnio_mens.

The main roleplay community is for logs, IC notices, and just about anything IC.

The OOC community is for things such as hiatus notices, introductions, questions, relevant conversations and anything else OOC. Watching this community is important because it will be where OOC mod announcements, activity checks, etc, will be posted.

The crack community is because some people may not want the clutter of memes, jokes, pictures, etc on their friend’s page, or at all, and because watching the OOC community is important. Go wild, but keep it appropriate! (and by that we mean if you must post something NSFW or touchy, make sure it’s locked, put under a cut and clearly labelled.) This community is purely for fun, of course, and it is entirely optional.
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