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To apply, email the following application to somniomods at gmail dot com, with the subject line "Application for: [Character Name]". Please email the application as the body of the email, not an attachment. Be patient while awaiting a reply, as there will sometimes be delays based on mod schedules and amount of apps, but rest assured, you will receive a reply, whether you are accepted, rejected, need to make an adjustment or otherwise. We won’t ever just ignore you; it just might take time to get to you!

Guidelines below.

Occupation: if your character moved directly into this town, of their own (or just apparent) freewill, then they may have a job, as well. Other characters can get jobs in town in the future if they so desire.
You may also apply for a position in the facility itself - researcher, nurse, cook, gardener, etc. Many characters, though, it will be assumed that they will get the job after arriving.

Room level: if your character happens to have come to the facility of their own accord, they can apply for a room within their price range (whether based on their job or money they got from family, etc). If they were brought from another world they may choose a room level from Level 4 and below, and will be given the room closest to their choice based on space. Click here for more information on the building and room levels.

Appearance: be as brief or detailed as is necessary to give us a better idea of how your character looks.

Personality: give us an idea of what your character is like, and what we can expect when interacting with them.

Abilities/weapons: give us an idea of what your character is capable of, based on their canon. Keep in mind that supernatural abilities that are possible in their world won’t be available to them in the “real world”. Weapons won’t be available, either, as they would be confiscated. However these abilities and weapons will be available to you in the “dream world”.

Weaknesses/fears: We would also like to know your character’s weak points so we can exploit them. :) It’s only fair, after all.

History: You don’t have to write us anything long and fancy. But it’d be nice to be up to speed on what has happened to your character up until this point, and perhaps what exactly it was that brought them to the facility. Was it of their own accord? Were they brought there after death or another serious trauma? We’d like you to keep this close to canon, but, obviously, minor alterations will be needed toward the end to explain their coming to the facility.

Sample: It will be required that you write a sample of your roleplaying in third person for your application. Especially considering that this roleplay is largely log based. Please remember to use the game setting as much as possible, and to abide by the rules.

…speaking of which, you may want to re-read them, just in case you missed something!✮
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